T – 2 weeks!

We are just over 2 weeks away from the Spring sale!  We have just had our 13th day of school cancelled this year due to “inclement weather” so Spring feels OH so far away!!!  But it’s coming. We can see it in the brief moments of sunshine. The birds tell us when they bravely chirp out into the howling wind. And when it rains we see grass hiding under the ice and snow….  Spring is coming….

So let’s get ready! If you’re planning to sell, don’t put it off! Get entering those items now! Once you’ve entered them all I can all but guarantee you’ll find more things as you walk through your house that need to find a new home!

And get making your list now!  Need bigger swim clothes for your kids?  Check. We’ll have that.  Need more pants for your kiddo who just keeps getting new holes in his/her knees every. single. day?  Yep. We’ve got your back.  Need all kinds of stuff for your baby who is getting bigger and now needs exersaucesrs, high chairs for grandma’s house, or ride on toys?  Heck yes!  We can help!

Get ready y’all.  It’s been storming outside, but we all know this is the calm before the storm!  The READY FOR SPRING ALREADY storm.  See you there in just over 2 weeks.


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